What is the role of animals in your life?

Since time immemorial, humans and animals have been connected. 

We live in times of profound change.

Title: Avoidance – Material: white paper with ink – Size: 29,5x 21 cm – Price: €95,-

I feel deeply engaged with questions about how we treat animals, and I am continually revising and questioning my own values and positions on these questions.

My fascination for animals is the source of my artistic work.

Drawing Joyce van Heek
Title: Free horse – Material: white leather with paint – Size: 24 x 19 cm – Price: €109,-

With these drawings I look at the (semi) wild horses such as those used in the Oostvaarders plassen for grazing nature reserves in the Netherlands.

Joyce with horses
Photo: Hong Kie Tan

After taking in the work of biologist Frans de Waal I am aware of why I can so intensely enjoy the animals with whom I share life. In my house and also on the farm.
For example, frequent eye contact with the animals you care for would appeal to your brain in ways that are connected to the feeling of parenthood. This leads to an increase of oxytocin, a neuropeptide that is involved in attachment and the development of an emotional bond.

For me this not only explains the role of the animals in my life, but also my contradictory feelings regarding the use of farm animals.

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